Kamis, 18 Juli 2013

Impact of latest Android devices and Android Versions on Android Application Development

in the launch of android open supply mobile os, world saw a dramatic increase in its usage as at intervals 2 years it gained 500% additional fame than of its initial year. merely the'>not only in the android os versions, but additionally the launch of latest smartphones from lg, samsung, motorola, htc and alternative vendors is that the main reason there's huge demand of android application development and this can never decrease. ice cream sandwich is that the next major milestone that android can achieve. going alphabetically android appears out to reach z soon. as once Éclair, they actually launched froyo, then gingerbread, then honeycomb and next within the series is ice cream sandwich. these versions place an affect on android application development. recently at&t announced its plans out to introduce 12 latest android devices – and all at intervals this year. at&t already has introduced 5 android smartphones, that brings at&ts total android lineup out to 19 – impressive. these new android phones are from numerous hardware manufacturers. one is from motorola and is named as motorola atrix 2. second and third are from samsung named as samsung gaptivate glide and samsung doubletime. fourth and fifth are pantech pocket and at&t avail ( pre-paid customers ) respectively. all of such devices have additional memory, cpu, and enhanced graphics which can be found good at running complicated android applications. as all the newest best android phones 2011 are powered with enhanced hardware capabilities, android application development conjointly continues to be shifted out to a fresh level where applications are build by keeping planned the capabilities of sets that these can run on. in the launch of such new devices, it's become straightforward for alternative smartphone users out to move out to android simply. as android is supported by a large choice of hardware smartphone manufacturers, there will be heaps of android devices which can be found cheaper and reasonable. such increase in android devices has conjointly increased the demand of android app development. as there will be several android devices, billions of android apps are required out to fulfill that big variety of users application demands. apart direct from smartphones sector, rise of tablets is another story where android fits simply. there will be scores of android tablets around that conjointly need latest android applications developed and run on them. eventually ice cream sandwich is that the androids version that will be best fit for each android mobile application development and android tablet application development. once ice cream sandwich is launched, developers can see augmented role of android app development for tablets which can go shoulder out to shoulder with android mobile app development. secure your future currently you should developing android apps. hire android developer ; by well understanding your business, our android developers develop real time and cool applications that take your business out to next level of success.

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